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Kenya Election


Around middle 2017, Kenya election will be held for the next president. Form Kenya’s history of development, great achievements had been reached continuously with joint effort of the leaders and all people, those leaders had been doing their best to struggle for their people and fight for the nation to be stronger.


People are full of wisdom, they will vote for the best one, and no matter who the next leader will be, we have the confidence that he will surely do whatever he can to solve the current social and economic issues and go on to build a great nation.


Beyase group wish the election be a most smooth, successful and consummate one, god bless Kenya.

Be job creators rather than job seekers


Unemployment rate for the young in Kenya is currently one of the most serious social issues, however there are many opportunities for those with dreams to make a difference. From our years of experience in Kenya and East Africa markets, maize milling, wheat flour milling, animal feed and bean processing industries keep growing and quite profitable.

The market is there and people can’t live without food, this is also mercy thing for human beings to get the food for daily life. You can get different sized machines and equipment from Beyase for any level new entrepreneur to start with, low investment small commercial trail will help you grow big in short time. instead of seeking jobs, you can start a business and offering others job opportunities, at the same time you make money and change your family’s life.

Beyase New factory to finish


After an 18month’s construction, Beyase industrial park is finally coming to an end. Our staff will move to the new offices in the coming months, with the new big factory we will be able to expand more products besides the current grain processing. A more bright future is surely expected and we are be indebted to our honesty, efficiency and high most importantly our quality products. Wish to grow with all of our friends, customers and all people related to Beyase.

New mill shipped


A busy but fruitful April, thank Mr. G. and S. for your visiting and order placed with Beyase, thank all Beyase staff with the good work and finished new mills shipping to east Africa. Welcome more clients do good business with us, and we will always be honest, reliable and stay ahead with constant innovation.

Know about Mesh Sizes and Microns


What does mesh size mean?  

Figuring out mesh sizes is simple.  All you do is count the number of openings in one inch of screen (in the UnitedStates, anyway.)  The number of openings is the mesh size.  So a 4-mesh screen means there are four little squares

across one linear inch ofscreen.  A 100-mesh screen has 100 openings, and so on.

As the number describing the mesh size increases, the size of the particles decreases.

Higher numbers equal finer material.  Mesh size is not a precise measurement of particle size

How fine do screens get?  

That depends on the wire thickness.  If you think about it, the finer the weave, the closer the wires get together, eventually leaving no space between them at all. For this reason, beyond 325-mesh particle size is usually

described in “microns.”

What is a micron?  

A micron is another measurement of particle size.  A micron is one-millionth of a meter or one twenty-five

thousandth of an inch.


Beyase milling solution


To be professional, to be reliable

Food processing, grain processing and animal feed industries occupies big market in many countries in Africa, flour milling process is to bring farm products to the table for food, from raw materials to edible food, it is a long chain with things you should care about before enter this field.

A professional supplier should offer you the know-how to make you totally understand rule of this project, it’s the supplier’s duty to offer investor a reasonable solution with best cost performance, instead of simply sell their products. Beyase will plan for you by integrating your resources and market features, make sure you get more than what you pay for.

The business world nowadays, is some complicated with good and bad intermingled, a reliable company must be legal and honest with customer caring, only do business with the right partner, will you be guaranteed the safety of your money, at the same time you can enjoy both quality purchase and satisfactory transaction. Famed as Beyase is, you will feel safe and comfortable working with us.

Beyase managers and colleagues wish you a joyful experience working with us!

El Nino threatens millions in east and southern Africa


Millions children are at risk from hunger, disease and water shortages in east and southern Africa because of the strengthening El Nino weather phenomenon. All BEYASE leaders and staff pray for the threatened countries and areas, we believe the bad weather will be gone soon and people will definitely get through it and win the final battle.

The Pacific is so big and the area of warm water is so large that there is a shift in the circulation pattern around the globe, That pattern can lead to heavy rainfall in East Africa and the danger of flooding in Uganda, South Sudan, parts of Kenya and the Horn of Africa.The impact on southern Africa is potentially much more dangerous because the region is semi-arid and relies on rains during the southern summer to produce staple crops, especially maize. Take away those rains, and millions of subsistence farmers will face starvation.

It said 8.2 million people in Ethiopia faced food insecurity, while an estimated 350,000 children needed treatment for severe acute malnutrition. In southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa have been hit by a drought. “In Malawi, where almost half the children are already undernourished, In Zimbabwe, the number of people in need of food aid was expected to reach 1.5 million by the time the January-March “lean season” sets in, UNICEF said. In Kenya, the government estimated that 2.5 million children may be affected by floods, landslides, mudslides and diseases linked to the El Nino rains. In South Africa and Namibia, livestock has been dying as a result of the drought, and water restrictions have been imposed in the main city, Johannesburg, and other areas, correspondents say.

Millions could suffer from famine if the pattern holds through the first few months of 2016 — as forecasters says it almost certainly will.“Southern Africa is a particular and obvious concern,” said Maxx Dilley, director of the Climate Prediction and Adaptation division at the World Meteorological Organization. “A canonical effect of El Niño is drought in that part of Africa.”

One reason for some hope is that El Niño does not always bring season-long drought in southern Africa — and in fact the 1997-98 season produced close to normal rains in the region despite that year’s record El Niño.

Before the El Nino is gone, any orders placed with BEYASE from Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Somali, Zimbabwe and other affected countries will enjoy a special factory price, this is what we can do to help with sincerity.

Beyase to ship maize mills to Africa


The maize mills ordered by African customers are ready, the cargos are expected to be shipped by end of this month once relevant documents are done, and in middle April the vessel will dock at Mombasa, hopefully in May, our clients will start milling.

Chinese New Year holiday ends today



The biggest New Year holiday came to an end, the majority companies, organizations and shops etc. are opening up from today (Feb.14). All BEYASE staff and leaders are back to work with full energy and passion, wish all of our clients and friends a better and brighter future also wish us a successful and fruitful 2016.


Standard Bank ready to facilitate renminbi currency exchange



The chief executive of Standard Bank, Vetumbuavi Mungunda and the Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shukang recently announced the renminbi cash exchange solution at Standard Bank’s Windhoek branch.
As from February 1, Standard Bank will facilitate the interchange and exchange of notes between renminbi and the Namibian dollar. This service will be available at Standard Bank’s Maerua Mall, Swakopmund, Windhoek and Walvis Bay branches.

China’s renminbi currency is growing in dominance and is becoming widely accepted as a currency of global trade. The renminbi’s dominance in the global trade follows its recent inclusion in the elite International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of currencies. The move was seen as a vote of confidence in China’s economic reforms and its efforts to establish the nation’s currency as an international reserve asset.

Trade between China and Namibia has been on the increase. China is Namibia’s sixth largest export market and Namibia’s exports to China in terms of value grew from N$939 million in 2011 to N$1.4 billion in 2013 and N$1.9 billion in 2014. “Offering the exchange of these two currencies brings further convenience to our clients in addition to our international swift transfers and trade relations services,” says Amit Mohan, head of corporate and investment banking at Standard Bank.

He adds that Standard Bank was among the first to recognise and focus on the growing relationship between Africa and China. “Our relationship with China is underscored by our close ties with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China which holds a 20.1 percent stake in the Standard Bank Group. This signifies our continuous striving to enhance our customer experience and support the growing trade and economic relations between China and Namibia,” adds Mohan.

The announcement of the renminbi cash solution coincides with the Chinese New Year celebrations (Year of the Monkey) coming up on February 8.

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