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Item                                                                     10T/24H                        15T/24H                        20T/24H                        30T/24H

Power (kw)                                                                   37.12                               55.42                               73.52                               87.42

Delivery (days)                                                               15                                     20                                    25                                     25

Building size (mm)                                         6000*15000*4500         6500*16500*4500         7200*18500*4500         7500*20000*4800

Colors                                                                    Customized                      Customized                    Customized                      Customized

Container required                                                   20’×1                                 20’ ×1                               40’ ×1                                40’ ×1

Operator per shift                                                     2-3P                                   2-3P                                   3P                                     3-4P

Fob price                                                              18,600USD                        19,800USD                       22,500USD                       25,300USD


This design is economic and complete maize milling plant for commercial process. The whole line inclusive of maize loading elevators, dampener, dehuller/degerminator, heavy duty hammer mill and packing part. The processing from dirty maize to clean grits, fine maize meal and the leftovers until packed finished products, it is ideal small scale milling for starters. The current capacities available are 10T/D, 15T/D, 20T/D, 30T/D and 50T/D optional. We also have roller type milling plants with corresponding capacities.


Convenience, automation

This milling plant is almost automatic, the operator put dirty maize into the receiving pit beside the 1# bucket elevator, the clean maize kernel will be attained and goes to the dampening machine for conditioning, dampened maize flow to the moist bin via 2# bucket elevator, the following is dehuller to remove the bran and germ, well prepared semi-products will be taken by 3# elevator to the hammer mill to crush and the fine maize meal be brought to the collector by the blower pneumatic pipes, the packing part will do the final weighing and sewing. Totally 2 or 3 labors will be enough to run this plant, it is compact but sufficient.


Longer service life, durable

Each of the maim machine is made of standard parts and high quality raw material, even the famous brand motors and bearings we use, good paintings etc. will guarantee the stability and durability.

Economic and worthy

The milling plant is economic compared with its capacity and value, it is efficient enough to enable you recover the investment in a few months.


Beyase offer life-long 24-7 free on line consulting and technology guidance to the customers, all spares for the machine supplying will be attainable and engineers available for overseas service.


We have our professional team to offer you customizable plans after evaluating your investment project, every of our customer will get unique designing and a best solution before kicking off.

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    Godfrey Kiragu

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    Herbert Kenga

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    Hassan Maalim

    Where can i get the maize mill I am based in Eldoret Kenya.

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    nyiro kidangu

    where can i get the maize mill,iam based in mombasa kenya

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    Joseph Onyango

    I need a quotations for your packaging machine and maize mill.

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    Ayieko bwana

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    john zimba

    30T maize milling plant wanted in zambia send cost for plant

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    Geoffrey Wilson Okot

    I need a 15T miller +255789265148

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    karurendere Jayden

    please send me the quatation for a 5T. if available

  • Donald M. Muange
    Donald M. Muange

    I need to start this business and am thinking in this line. Is there a suitable commercial machine for around USD 5,000. if purchased are there extra charges for installation and commissioning? do you also train locals to operate the same