A complete animal feedstuff factory usually consists of cleaning, crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling and packing part etc. to make feedstuff for livestock, poultry and aquatic feed. Small capacity one can be simple with mixer and pelletizer, according to your investment plan, the capacity will be 6T/D to 200T/D.

The various raw materials makes nutritious and balanced feedstuff, will makes it possible for animals grow healthier and faster. During the pellet making, starch dextrinization happens due to synthetic action of temperature, moist and pressure, Increase the activity of enzyme and better digestion.

Products Features

Embracing the up-to-date technology and staying with continuous innovation, our grain processing machine and agricultural machine friendly meet different needs of the customers. We are strict with every step from raw materials purchasing to welding and painting to make sure our equipment reliable inside out.



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