The maize milling machine adopts either hammer mills or roller mills to get ground meal for different purpose especially for human consumption, animal feedstuff and brewery. During the processing of a complete milling plant, impurities like mud, stone, magnetic stuff and husks from the maize kernel are usually removed as well as bran, germ and fodder flour.

The whole plant, especially for middle and big sized milling factory, grain storage silo and appropriate building are required, vary from hammer mills to different capacities whole set maize milling lines, we can offer a best solution for you according to your target capacity, budget and flexible expanding plan. 10T/D, 15T/D, 24T/D, 30T/D, 50T/D, 80T/D and 100T/D milling plants are our hot sales.

Products Features

Embracing the up-to-date technology and staying with continuous innovation, our grain processing machine and agricultural machine friendly meet different needs of the customers. We are strict with every step from raw materials purchasing to welding and painting to make sure our equipment reliable inside out.

  • 5T Maize mill
  • 15T Maize mill
  • 10T,15T,20T,30T/24H Maize mill
  • 20T Maize mill
  • 200T Maize mill
  • 50T Maize mill
  • 5T/24H Maize Mill
  • Custom Capacity
  • Water-drop Hammer mill
  • Maize dehuller/degerminator



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